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[Image Description: The words ‘Has Oppression Found A Home
in You? A reflective introspection on age-trauma’ in black
handwriting. A drawing of a sweet-looking white teddy bear
wearing black balaclava. Artwork by ZEROFOURSIXEIGHT.]

Has Oppression Found a Home in You? is a holistic workbook-zine that combines political writings, reflections and activities that investigate the idea of home and how this sacred place is desecrated by anti-child ageism. It includes 30+ pages of reflective introspection on ‘age-trauma’ (term coined by me). Age-trauma is the result of ageist repression in our childhoods which I investigate in two oppressive structures: school and family.

As both a workbook and zine, Has Oppression Found a Home in You? can be used for radical education as well as personal contemplation. I hope reading and working through it can be a healing and eye-opening experience. As it is in digital format, you can print if you prefer to doodle on paper, scribble your notes with an e-pen if that’s your style or just write out your thoughts separately. There are numerous ways to engage with this work and can be something to come back to at various point in life: as a child, adult, parent, elder or alien!


[Image Description: Text says THE SYSTEM BY AIYANA GOODFELLOW. In the centre, a black triangle with a power fist. Artwork by me.]

The System is a hierarchical hellscape: everybody has their place. But as Lena collides with a curious Elite and her dangerously honest best friend, her once rebellious ways, repressed by grief, begin to re-emerge.

A sharp reflection of our world, THE SYSTEM serves both as a fictional, but humanistic tale and illuminates the fascism ripe in our own reality.