Theories & Inventions

I am a writer who loves to theorise and invent. The following are a few of these musings.
Please credit me any time you use any of the words in bold

(white) devourism

describes the consumerist ways of capitalist-speciesist white supremacy, whether through colonialism, slavery, labour or the literal consumption of flesh. To learn more, see my zines.

peer solidarity

is a term building on the idea of peer support. Peer Solidarity holds a particular focus on combining community healing with political education, which is something practiced in my organisation NEUROMANCERS.

radical companionship

is an anti-speciesist theory and praxis for evolving our relationships with nonhuman animals who are colonised into pethood. The theory encompasses four main roots – affirming animals, respect and relationships, consent and communication and animal futurism.

The words and phrases Animal Futurismanimals colonised into pethood and radical companionship are all coined by me and expanded on in the Radical Companionship book.

anti-child ageism…

is a system of oppression aimed at children and young people, as part of the wider structure of patriarchy. I write in my essay “What is the Abolitionist Response to P**dophiles?”: “Anti-child ageism describes ageism specifically in reference to children, teenagers, and young people. In contrast to youth oppression, adults are offered power through adult supremacy – which can and will be taken away if they fail to fulfil their adult “duty” to be a productive member of capitalist society. For example, disabled adults may be denied access to the privileges of adulthood because of their inability to work. This means that our world is actively against children and childhood (or those who cannot be binary ‘adults’), which is seen just as a preparation phase for adulthood rather than a time where we are legitimately whole, full beings.”


describes an experience specific to anti-child ageism; our autonomy, ability, articulation, emotions, opinions constantly doubted, called into question or seen as ‘cute’. Age-trauma is the result of systemic ageism. This concept can be explored more by reading my zine Has Oppression Found A Home in You? A reflective introspection on age-trauma or my course of the same name. The terms fearful authority and encompassing consent are also coined and expanded on in this writing.


I reclaimed the word DELINQUENT to acknowledge how ‘misbehaviour’ and ‘disobedience’ has been used as a capitalist tool to weed out rebellion. Delinquency is weaponised to specifically exclude and oppress Black, neurodivergent, queer and poor teenagers who are labelled as ‘too much’ before we’ve even walked in the door. Therefore, I am a delinquent in solidarity with all the delinquents across the world who experience state repression through the school system, foster care system and ‘juvenile’ detention/prison system.

The DELINQUENT philosophy is practiced in a Discord server I set up, which you can join here.