The DELINQUENTS Discord server is a space for all those in alignment and solidarity with the DELQINEUNT philosophy and all those who identify as such. We are against ageism in all its insidious forms, but in focus on the oppression of children and young people in particular. Anyone of any age can be part of the space, but please be mindful of the power that you may hold if you are over the age of 18.

The word DELINQUENT (always in all capitals) is a reclamation of how ‘misbehaviour’ and ‘disobedience’ has been used as a tool to weed out rebellion. Delinquency is weaponised to specifically exclude and oppress Black, neurodivergent, queer and poor teenagers who are labelled as ‘too much’ before we’ve even walked in the door. Therefore, I am a DELINQUENT in solidarity with all those across the world who experience repression through school, foster care, ‘juvenile’ detention/prison, their families or other forms of adult supremacy. Chat back, act out, stand up!

Our Values of DELINQUENCY!

Offering Over Expertise – None of us (including me!) are experts and may not have all the answers. We can instead focus on offering our opinions, ideas and thoughts rather than attempting to give one-size-fits-all advice.

Abolition – We are against all cages, confinements and prisons both internal and external. We aim to support the abolition of the prisons, the foster and adoption system, the school system, capitalism and many more institutions of repression.

Youth Liberation – We want young people to be liberated from ageism and patriarchy. We want self-determination and autonomy for young people so we can be who we are (rather than what adults want us to be). We are against the oppression of all people based on age including elders, however this space centres children and teenagers.

Curiosity within Discomfort – Often, we are taught discomfort equals a lack of safety, but when confronting our privilege, discomfort becomes a necessity. Staying in a place of curiosity means our own discomfort can be a learning opportunity. This especially applies to any adults in this space.

Respect Your Youngers – We’ve all heard the phrase “respect your elders”, but this space that aims to challenge adult authority so we want to flip that narrative. Respecting your youngers applies to both the young people in this space and the childishness that lives within all of us.