Age-Trauma Support Space

Age-Trauma Support Space

A support space for all ages to work through their age-trauma and be collectively supported.

Youth liberation is essential to healing

What is age-trauma?

Age-trauma is a word coined by me to identify the experiences we have in childhood as a result of ageism, the oppression of children and young people, which affects our ability to be the autonomous, creative, and empowered young people we are and should get to be. Ageism, like all systems of oppression, is inherently traumatic and encompasses a variety of harmful experiences including developmental or childhood trauma, distress from the school system, psychiatric units, prisons, foster care, and any other extensions of the prison industrial complex.

There is minimal space held for us to unpack the ways in which being a child is trauma in itself. Age-trauma describes an experience specific to anti-child ageism as our autonomy, ability, articulation, emotions and opinions are constantly doubted, called into question or seen as ‘cute’.

Adults project their trauma onto children by punishing us with their new found power. We are a reminder that they too were once ‘embarrassingly’ reliant. Capitalism hates interdependence, and whilst the dependence of young people on adults is highly questionable, trapping, and oppressive, this dependency confronts our learnt disconnection.

Age-trauma does not only apply to those of us who’ve grown up in tumultuous families, but to everyone.

– Aiyana Goodfellow, Has Oppression Found a Home in You? A reflective introspective zine on age-trauma.

In order for our society to respond to age-trauma in a way that is holistic and generative, we must acknowledge and understand childhood-induced or -related trauma as a socially and structurally reenforced occurrence.

What is the support space?

The support space gives us an opportunity to discuss and process some of our experiences of age-trauma in a collective setting. Healing is an important part of this space but — whilst I have been through many trainings, workshops, and courses about these topics, including the 60hr Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate Program with The Embody Lab — this is not group therapy. There is no obligation to speak about your age-trauma and participation is at the level that you feel comfortable with. Sessions will include activities, groups discussions, break out rooms, video watching, and journalling exercises. As well as holding space for feelings and vulnerability, we will think practically about the social oppression of young people, how we can navigate solidarity, and the reclamation of childishness. Whilst I facilitate, we all aim to offer mutual, peer-based support to each other. We finish each session with a somatic practice to help bring our nervous systems back to baseline and you are invited to take care of yourself afterwards, whatever that looks like for you.

This is the space for you if…

  • you have some understanding of ageism and the oppression of children
  • you are aware of your age-trauma and have other supportive tools to help you process it
  • you want to develop your adult solidarity and/or feel more empowered in your childishness

The Nitty Gritty


WHO: For all ages! Young people will always be centred in my spaces and adults should remain mindful of their privilege.


Terms & Investment

By joining the space, you (referred to in the Terms as “I”) are agreeing to the following terms:

  • I agree to respect the autonomy and experiences of all participants in the cohort.
  • Before joining any session, I agree to take the time to outline what I can do to calm/support myself in case I leave the session feeling activated.
  • I agree to take up space, as well as step down and let others express their truth, being mindful of my privileges.
  • I agree to express vulnerability when it feels right, as well as honour confidentiality for all participants.
  • I acknowledge that this is not group therapy and I agree that I am responsible for the safe management of my own mental health (not the space facilitator nor any other participants).
  • I understand and agree that I can only speak to my own experiences and that what I communicate in this space is an offering, not expertise.

Please note that the course facilitator reserves the right to remove participants from the space (without refund), if a participant’s behaviour is in violation of these agreements.

For adults: Payment is completed through Stripe (links below) at a donation of £10 or £20, however if you don’t have the funds please get in touch — I won’t turn anyone away!

For young people (under 18): This offering is free for young people. Please contact me directly to join the space.

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