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Workshops, Courses, Panels, Articles & Podcasts

I am available to offer consultations, workshops, talks, and courses for you, your organisation, and/or project. I can speak on a variety of topics, including but not limited to (anti-)ageism, youth liberation, LGBTQ+ issues, animal rights, as well as any of my books, theories, or community projects.

Self-Run Teachings…

I facilitated an anti-speciesism panel at Vegan Arts Night 2020 (an event I solely organised that was the inspiration for the Anti-Speciesist Arts Collective).

I have run multiple online workshops with a particular focus on anti-speciesism.

Grief in Death, Love in Life: An Anti-Speciesist Theory & Creative Writing Workshop (2021) – recording available through my Patreon

House N*ggas & Dogs: How the Pets of Oppressors Aren’t Much Better Off (2021) – this was a prelude to my book Radical Companionship: Rejecting Pethood & Embracing Our Multispecies World

Creating Cultures of Accountability & Animality, a course by Anti-Speciesist Arts Collective (2021-2022).

Has Oppression Found a Home in You? A reflective introspective course on ageism (2022- ). Sign up here.

How To NEUROMANCE (2023) a workshop for my organisation NEUROMANCERS.


“Excellent content and was delivered beautifully. I really appreciated all of the thoughtful exercises woven throughout, the breaks, and the recordings. Thank you so much Aiyana. This was an absolutely wonderful course. I’m so grateful for your work and look forward to participating in your future workshops!”

Andie Springirth, Community Education Specialist at The Open Sanctuary Project

“I loved Aiyana’s analysis, enthusiasm and helpfulness. Encouraging, eye opening and comforting talk!”

Nahel, Animator – Artist – Activist

“Loved it, you structure your thoughts so well – just enough information and depth to make sure there are no lulls, so it stays interesting without becoming overwhelming.”

Anonymous Feedback

“This workshop helped me deal with a lot of trauma. It was informative, well put together and it was all done in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. All my needs were met in order to take part in this workshop effectively. If I got upset (some of the topics are hard to get through and sad as we were talking about how grief when our companions pass away is often times dismissed) and needed to turn off my camera I could. If I needed to ask any questions I was able to. If I needed to take a moment and pause, I was able to. I will most definitely attend the next workshop. Thank you for all the hard work you put into making our spaces in animal rights safer and more informed.”

Ozita, Co-Founder of Hounds of Liberation Animal Sanctuary & Hound Bar Chocolate

“Thank you for sharing your voice and your perspective. I really appreciate the community you’re cultivating.”

Anonymous Feedback

“I can attest to Aiyana’s workshops being incredibly well researched, as well as being highly engaging and thought-provoking. The sessions are made unique by the fact that Aiyana presents their own theories and considered, informed perspectives on the topic at hand, rather than just sharing pre-existing knowledge. 

One of the things I value most about Aiyana is their ability to see the wider context behind any given issue. Aiyana provides important insight into the connected nature of society’s issues, as well as offering suggestions of the “why?” and sparking conversation around the “what next?”. Aiyana is able to convey complex information in an accessible way, and educate others in a manner that meets them where they are, and spurs them forward. 

Following the workshop, I was left thinking about a range of issues in a different light thanks to Aiyana’s guidance, and with a far richer understanding of the discussion points. I would recommend their sessions to anyone.”

Imogen Webb, Architect