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All books are available through The Anima Print, a Black-led micro-publisher giving platform to marginalised writers.


Exploring the rarely discussed dynamic of pethood, Aiyana Goodfellow speaks of reimagined relations between species, starting with the seedlings, expanding into the roots and blossoming into growth. The relationships we have with animals that are ‘colonised into pethood’ reveal the kind of humans we really are. A balance of theory and practise, this book is a guide to unlearning the oppressive tendencies within all of us. Filled with the hope, passion and rage of a young Black, queer writer, Aiyana asserts that to be a radical companion is to connect with the animality in all of us.

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“You have been taught a lie. That lie says we live in a society that loves children. But children are some of the most at risk, coerced, and oppressed people on the planet. We are one of the most forgotten marginalised groups as so many mock our liberation. Most adults will not talk about this with the nuance, perspective, and experience that is needed – whether because they just don’t know, don’t care, or want to protect their privilege. So, I – a radical, abolitionist, writer, liberator, DELINQUENT teenager – will write out the words and thoughts that I believe have been missing from the minds of so many of us.” — INNOCENCE & CORRUPTION

INNOCENCE & CORRUPTION by Aiyana Goodfellow is a unique political take on the social position of children – written by a teenager. In the history of all liberation movements, success is found in the elevation of the voices of the underclass in question. The experiences of youth are perhaps one of the last plights to be heard and this book is one of the first to explore it from the perspective of a young person.

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