Aiyana’s Kitchen

Welcome to Aiyana’s Kitchen!

Aiyana’s Kitchen is what it says on the tin: homemade vegan meals fresh from my own kitchen! I aim to nourish your soul, body, and mind so as well as delicious food I also distribute radical animal liberationist books, zines, and stickers (let me know if you want yours shared around).

My kitchen is open every other weekend and menus are released on Instagram. Some regular favourites are my Sunshine Stew of the Day with mouth-watering Spiced Tofu Bites, refreshing Risotto, and flavoursome burgers.

I make each meal to order for extra freshness, so your requests are due by 9am on the day of collection. Aiyana’s Kitchen is North London based and collection only, conveniently stationed right next to a public park (perfect for picnics!) and accessible by a range of public transport options.

Collection times are between 12-2pm. DM me with your order and collection time. I will reply to confirm the order with the link to payment (which is over PayPal).

I also welcome Solidarity Orders, where you can sponsor a meal for someone else. You can do this by sending your donation via PayPal with the label “Solidarity Meal”.

All the food and drinks on the menu are 100% vegan. By this I mean: no animal “products”, use, or exploitation is part of the food making process.

All common allergens (in particular: gluten, soy, nuts, sesame, and mustard) are clearly labelled. However, of course, there is no complete guarantee that cross contamination won’t happen. Please contact me directly for information about other allergens and accessibility needs.