About Aiyana

Who am I?


I have been involved in activist circles for over a third of my life and with the evolution and education that has come with this, I have created multiple of my own projects influenced by those experiences. I believe in total liberation, abolition, and interspecies rebellionI often write and speak about the parallels between white supremacy, racism, speciesism, anti-queerness, ageism, and capitalism.

My Inspirations & Offerings

My work can only exist due to a long lineage of freedom fighters, artists, creators and social disruptors. I am inspired my the big and small, named and nameless, and of the spirit of the world itself.

I name myself as a WRITER, LIBERATOR & DELINQUENT. To write is to feel and articulate. To liberate is to create and to question. To be a DELINQUENT is to resist and reclaim. It is a combination of these things that make up who I am: the pensive thinker; the imaginative engineer; the outspoken challenger. Whether I am at my desk writing, in the streets protesting, or on set acting I carry these ideas with me.

As a fiercely opinionated introvert, both my practices of creative and non-fiction writing aim to help me express some of my dreams, pains, and longings. Sometimes, these wonderings are offered in the form of workshops and courses: as a neurodivergent person harmed by and opposed to institutionalised education, it brings me great fulfilment to collectively (re)define learning.

Oppression is systemic trauma and being an (informal) student of neurobiology and sociology I am naturally drawn to the realms of healing justice. I practice this through peer support, particularly in solidarity with fellow young people.

my proper nouns

Aiyana (eye-ahna); Banana (the cousin of plantain [plahn-TIN], my favourite food)

my pronouns


my nouns

writer; liberator; DELINQUENT; organiser; artist; cook; animal.

my adjectives

queer; Black; neurodivergent; non-binary; crunchy.

Trainings & Certifications

To further my growth as an individual and community builder, I have completed various trainings, workshops, and courses…

See the full list here.

  • Anti-Carceral Approaches to Suicide Training & Crisis Intervention Training with Project LETS
  • Numerous trainings/workshops with Margeaux Feldman
  • Numerous trainings/workshops with Institute for the Development of Human Arts
  • Numerous trainings with The Embody Lab including the 60hr Somatic Attachment Therapy Certificate Program

My Community Work

In addition to my various writing endeavours, peer support work, and visual artistry
I am engaged in a range of projects all of which I have founded and/or direct.

The Anima Print

Anima (meaning spirit; soul; all those that move) is a radical Black-led micro-publisher giving platform to unpublished, un-agented, and marginalised writers (f.k.a Anti-Speciesist Arts Collective and Anima Arts Collective).

We Speak of Freedom

A podcast hosted by me, discussing radical social justice topics,
how to navigate an oppressive world and what it means to be free, in the hope that one day we won’t just speak of freedom, we will truly be free (2020-2021).


A Black person led & fully Queer facilitated abolitionist community organisation and radical magazine, for and by neurodivergents, practicing forms of mutual aid and “peer solidarity”.

Aiyana’s Kitchen

It is what it says on the tin: homemade vegan meals fresh from my own kitchen! My plant- and heart-based food “business” <3

The Radical Companionship Project

Based of my first published book, RCP is a pro-animal theory, anti-speciesist study group and mutual aid network.


We are a movement (not an organisation) of anti-ageist agitators in alignment with the DELQINEUNT philosophy, coined by me as a reclamation of how ‘misbehaviour’ and ‘disobedience’ have been used as a tool to weed out rebellion, specifically against young people.

Working alongside Aiyana has taught me more than I could have ever imagined. Their leadership, organisational skills, and guidance has been invaluable to me. Aiyana thinks so thoroughly and systemically about even the smallest details, and are always quick when there is a problem. They know when it’s time to work, when it’s time to think ahead, and when it’s time to rest and connect with other team members. Aiyana is always bringing new team-building and thought-inspiring exercises to our group and brings all of us together. I feel grateful to know and learn from them.”

Sef, facilitator with NEUROMANCERS